Shockwaves of a quickly written app

High Sierra Media Key Enabler is the most successful app in my life and it took the shortest time to write. It soon reaches ten thousand downloads and it took me about 30 minutes to write it and test it. Funny. Sometimes you really have to be in the right place at the right time - wrong place at the right time or wrong time in the right place is not enough :)

I just thougt that it would be useful for others - but after a few days thanking and praising comments started to appear under my post, feature requests came and then new pull requests and issues appeared under the github project. I was super amazed. A friend told me that I should put a paypal link at the top of my homepage - and I did. And donations started to come. Right now the amount of donations reached the price of the dev license I had to buy to raise trust in the app - Thank you!

You requested a secured app, explicitly selectable players - I was against the idea first but you convinced me, automatically starting players, bugfixes, features that couldn't be added or have to be inspected, you sent issues and pull requests implementing the requested features, you are super!

Thank you, beautiful people.

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