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Airpods Tricks

As soon as Airpods entered the market back in 2016 November I ordered one because I really needed reliable wireless earphones for running after a year with a terrible JBL. And it lived up to the expectations, I never heard any cracking sound or breaking music during running any more which is super cool. But controls were a little bit limited - bringing up siri with a double tap was totally useless for me and I never checked Airpods settings for more options because I'm lazy. How wrong was I!

It turned out that you can set up double tap functions for both sides individually.

Left double tap became play/pause, right double tap became next song - and there, I can do more with the airpods than with the earpods - besides volume control. I really miss volume control, but sound check in the Music app/iTunes helps in this problem a lot.

Anyway, I'm super satisfied with the Airpods, it's Apple's best new product in years. Even with the constant putting up/taking down of the earhoox beacuse of my monkey ears.

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