Termite is the ultimate real-time action strategy experience. You are the leader of a termite hive with three objectives :

  • collect food
  • produce ants
  • destroy alien colonies

Select groups of termits, order them to collect food or attack aliens, use the speed slider to slow down/speed up time to have more control over your ants.

With Termite you get :

  • 31 levels of intense action and mass destruction
  • Random scene generator
  • Tons of particles
  • Voxel system based minimal design


Works on all Raspberry models ( 1-2-3 ), just enable OpenGL / Full KMS Support in raspi-config. After downloading just double-click on the file, extract the contents to your desired location, go into "termite" folder and double click on "start_termite.sh"


Should work on the latest MacOS versions.


Tested it windows 10. Needs OpenGL 2.1 compatible video driver or better.


Tested it on the latest Ubuntu release. Needs OpenGL 2.1 compatible video driver or better.

I want it now!


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