Milenia Grafter Server

The 64 Kbyte Flash Media Server
Copyright © 2007-2008 by Milan Toth

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  • Milenia Grafter 0.9 beta, 09.09.2008
  • Milenia Grafter 0.8 beta, 06.06.2008
  • Milenia Grafter 0.5 beta, 25.10.2007

  • About

    Milenia Grafter Server is an open source flash media server that just works. With Milenia you don't have to know dozens of frameworks and tricks to create custom applications, you don't have to read up thousands of lines of configuration xml's to configure your server properly, you don't have to tear your hair off because of magic mistakes and unexpected errors coming from a closed source application, you don't have to wait for the never-coming answers of water-headed corporations, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars/euros for poorly performing enterprise level products. Simplicity was the only keyword during its creation, so i have not implemented any useless features from other flash media server implementations.
    Live Audio/Video streaming
    Live Audio/Video recording
    Video on demand ( VP6 and H264 support is coming )
    FLV playback speed set - slow/fast, forward/reverse
    Stream access control based on stream events
    Simple and fast custom application deployment
    Lightweight data communication
    Client mode - you can connect Milenia to any kind of flash media server
    Stream pushing/pulling to/from other servers
    Built-in bandwidth test - bidirectional and accurate
    Sample access enabled
    Admin console
    Stress tester
    Unit tester
    Future Features:
    Adobe live encoder integration ( 0.9 )
    VP6, H264 compatibility ( 0.9 )
    RTMPE support ( 1.0 )