Hi, this is Milan Toth, a java/flash developer currently living in Bonn, Germany. I'm connected to programming since my first home computer, and trough basic, pascal, and c i've settled at java and actionscript.


mail : milgra at milgra dot com
skype : milgra


Clear, literate and symmetric code is the only way. You have to care about your code exactly like the painter cares about his paintings - if you feel that a function or block is dissonant for your eyes, you have to rewrite that part. Whatch the feel and like of your code, arrange blocks by line size, avoid long lines, keep it airy, explain what the class and functioin does in the header, don't overcomplicate - thats the way to programmers nirvana.




Program - Milenia Grafter Server
Program - Milenia Grafter Engine
Presentation - Milenia Grafter at 2007.12 Budapest Newtech Technology Meetup
Article - Low Level AS3 - Establishing an RTMP connection
Article - Vector Intersection Calculations
Article - Creating An Ant Swarm Simulation
Article - Streaming and Database Connection with red5
Article - Getting Started with red5
Article - Creating a Mandlebrot set
Article - Camera Motion Controlled Ball
Article - Getting Started with AS3


Program - Livejasmin's complete, clustered client-server application system
Program - The Swarm


Program - Livejasmin's complete, clustered client-server application system
Program - Flash Camera Motion Detector
Program - Dotcom shooter
Program - Dotcom tetris
Program - Dotcom snake


Program - Tetrapod v2.0
Program - Thy Catafalque official homepage
Article - Advanced inverse kinematics
Article - Projection Plane based real 3D


Program - Tetrapod v.0
Program - Flash experiments


Program - PC service site


Program - LZW compressor in C

- about flash media servers

My first experience with a flash communication server was in early 2005. For two years i've been programming Flash Comm/Flash Media server client/application systems, and during this experience ( nightmare ) i was dreaming about a simple, good and easily programmable media server. Then Red5 and Wowza came out, and none of them throbbed my heart. So i've decided to create my own flash media server, and that's how Milenia Grafter Server was born. It first came into my mind in july 2007, when i wrote a simple RTMP handshaker to test how easily can a referrer be faked. And finally, in the last week of September i've brought myself to start it, and after two months of hard work the beta version of Milenia Grafter Server and Clients were finished, and came out on the 25. of October. Then after one month, i started to work on it again, but i had to stop, because of my new duty at make.tv. I was under heavy load until March of 2008, and then i had a little time to come up with a new version.

- softwares

JRE 1.5 - no words for it :D
OS X 10.4 - it is REALLY the most advanced operating system in the world
OS X Calculator - the best hexa/octa/binary/decimal calculator, try pressing the green plus on the top left, ehehe Eclipse 3.2 - lot of annoying things ( slow and huge ) but still the best
WireShark - a real must
0xED - like above
Safari 3 - fast as lightning
ITunes - randomized 50 Gigabytes of music all the time

- thanksgiving

My mother and my brother, for always being very proud of whatever i do.
Apple, for creating human interfaced hardware and software.
My E34 BMW, for being the last classic, sportish and elegant BMW.
Open source flash community, for sharing known rtmp, amf and flv format parts.
Friends, for supporting me, and giving me power.
And myself, for always being stubborn.